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Lindy Mtongana Will Make A Good Friendship With Angel Henry Junior Ogar

Breaking News; Angel Henry Music Received by BBC Music

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News: Angel Henry issue With Miley Cyrus After Wrecking Ball On Rolling Stone

Angel Henry Junior Ogar has sent a post related to Miley Cyrus telling
that he was never a fan of Hannah Montana character "Miley Cyrus". He
also said knowing her was never bad because her videos and song became
an interest to me. Angel Henry Junior Ogar returned a full detailed
story why he had issues with her. "Angel Henry Junior Ogar" is a
musician and loves writing. He happened to be among those who trended
the "Wrecking Ball" appearance of Miley Cyrus on stage with a "blunt
(meaning smoking a paper with leaf contents) on Rolling Stone. His
complaint stated was he had terible headaches from her fraustrating
ward off looks on criticizing post. Angel Henry Junior Ogar said
perhaps she never controlled her ward off mode because he only said
it was not right to smoke on stage in presence of her parents. This
never occured to him it was wrong to say so to Miley Cyrus. He has now
abandoned the website and can peacefully listen to Songs f…

Angel Henry Junior Ogar In Cue To Partner With Nokia Technologies?

Nokia Technologies is a company responsible making NOKIA phones and development of application. Angel Henry Junior Ogar says he awaits to complete a partnership with the company if the company accepts his business idea. The partnership is meant to fully sere the public with complete needs of what they will like to use on the internet. Nokia Technologies will also get more communication attempt from Angel Henry Junior Ogar. The company has a branch in the country, Nigeria. Angel Henry Junior Ogar however contacted in Headquarters abroad. The technology company seem not to have a means of internet communication, as surveyed only to follow the report Angel Henry Junior Ogar gave in saying he contacted them through another means that could have reached them appropriately, but not with a telephone because the message needed a little detail of the partnership proposal. Angel Henry Junior Ogar now extends his means of communication to use Fax message for communicating with NOKIA.

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Hears Mike Posner Out

Perhaps Musician, Mike Posner may have read my updates on Celebrities and myself. I kept on seeing Mike Posner flasing in my memory saying He wants to get into my updates. I didnt waste any time as soon as the report came in i added it to Angel Henry Daily. Angel Henry Junior Ogar said when he was asked that he can only remember Mike Posner from one of Lil wayne's song. Now i had to make a Google research to get Mike Posner photo so that you will not get confused searching for who Mike Posner is. Mike Posner is not a Nigerian, neither is he in Nigeria, if you were thinking how he got to Angel Henry Daily. Mike Poisner may have been using a spritual method to communicate to reach Angel Henry unior Ogar, but Angel Henry Daily is just getting the need for his call. Will Mike Posner become an Angel or is He an Angel/ There is more to find out with Mike Posner and Angel Henry Junior Ogar checking similarities and convincing Angelic proofs, Abiut MIKE pOSNER. His music are popuar to sp…

Issues With Chris Brown Will Not Affect Angel Henry Junior Ogar's Music

Chris Brown announced his exit from Sony Music, and Angel Henry Junior Ogar says this will not affect his music. Angel Henry Junior Ogar said the exit is a weakness strategy towards other musicians who aspire to become as popular as Chris Brown. Making it clearer, Angel Henry Junior Ogar said he is talking about the exit itself posing a threat to musicians, and not Chris Brown as a musician doing so. The Exit of Chris Brown from Sony Music makes a scene that looks like Sony Music will not help a musicians career. Chris Brown who have already stated he is good enough to do on his own that was why he left Sony Music did not say in person the Label is not good enough. Angel Henry Junior Ogar says Sony Music has sent him two invitations which is a sign of good music forwardness. Angel Henry Junior Ogar however he did not decline the invitations to perform in front of Sony officials, but rather did not like the method of the contract approach and expects something better. Angel Henry Ju…

Medieval Singer "Angel Henry Junior Ogar" Says He Can Never Quit Music

I have been singing popular songs even as a child and i like the
medieval music. The practice of hit songs by superstars is not
possible because the genre of medieval musicians is a hit song
already. Medieval Musicians are not all Illuminati, but a good number
of them are enlightened. I used to claim to be an Illuminati but not a
group member as it is known. I do not feel I am acknowleged because i
have gotten as popular as i want. I will not say am Illuminati but
rather am Iluminated. I stay with the medieval because i like it and
it gives me what i want. Medieval Is making me popular even faster
than the Illuminati. The medieval group is quiet and only few people
may have read its history. I Believe in it and it will find my fans
because Medieval Is beautiful. The design of my music is connected to
the spirit and it brings mix feelings to suite your feelings once
anyone likes and listen to my songs, your friends and family you seek
love from will love you more. Many o…

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Leaves The 83rd Position In World Music Chart

Angel Henry Junior Ogar is unhappy after leaving the 83rd position in
world music chart. Just after the exposure of his debut album, he
moved swiftly from 253 Global music rank to 83rd position within a
week. His popular songs with just 40 plays gave him this rank. He
built his position gradually until he claimed the rank. A Month later
the rank dropped highly as the competition became tougher. He Only
retained his local music rank as number 1 in the City. (See Ranking) The music chart
company reverbnation sponsored his music on top music website to make
him more popular and this have made him to say he is not biting
fingers to his odd position but concentrating on more fans to his
music to restore a better rank. Comparing his place among millions of
musician in the world, 500 range is not worse. In this music ranking,
your popularity does not affect your position most times but it does
give you more opportuinity to get a good position. In my country, i am
number four f…

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Makes A Debut Concert Appearance

Angel Henry Junior Ogar have made a debut appearance for music concert
in Abuja. He shared this interesting moment at an event which he
performed "Gbedu". He Said Gbedu is an interesting song and it is also
a hit song in my album. The audience at the performance of my song
were not lively as i do see, perhaps its my first appearance i thougt.
I Expected the crowd to make a great shout and welcoming oviation also
an outro screaming saying we love you but this did not happen. After
my live take over i immediately fled the scene, because the event was
almost over. I Felt nervous before the performance, and always
expected it is my slot to perform before i was even called. I am next
to two other musicians who performed last. The Mc encouraged me with a
mocking statement when he mentioned if i was not serious with my music
career or wanted a vulcanizer job. Really He didnt listen to my music
well or he is not a fan of popular music because he heard wrong

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Thought Adele Was An Old Fat Woman He Exposes

Angel Henry Junior Ogar says He has been hearing of Adele but have
never seen her photo or read about her before recent. He only thought
she was an Old fat woman who sang slow songs. Adele is a beautiful
musician he added saying her beauty makes her music more appreciated
and liked by me and i suppose most fans. Adele music and more interest
in the musician herself grew after she signed a $90 million deal with
Sony Music on renewal terms. Her style of album is the finding about
her i liked which flows in numbers.

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Commended His Hair And Prepares For A Stretch

Angel Henry Junior Ogar is finally making a move to make his hair. The
celebrity likes the growth of his hair and have left it growing
naturally without creaming or remaking it after the last hair do.
Angel Henry Junior Ogar tells that he likes the way his hair looks
after after making it in a saloon. The curly texture is natural he
added but i will make it look shinny to enhance its looks. This can
bring more beauty but will not add to the inch of its length.

Angel Henry Junior Ogar And Eva Alordiah To Go On Date?

Its Amazing To Know That Angel Henry Junior Ogar And Eva Alordiah have
engaged in series of communications. The communication started when
Eva Alordiah visited Angel Henry Junior Ogar and he was surprised to
see Eva Alordiah. They talked about their music together and how to
see more often and even sing together. Their meetings began to show
they had feelings for themselves. Eva Alordiah is a person of courage
and understanding but she can become difficult sometimes. After her
video with Sarkodie she became noticed as Nigeria's No 1 female
rapper. The two of us can meet and even grow as celebrities Angel
Henry Junior Ogar said to Eva Alordiah but she has not replied to
this. She only asked him to communicate with her label from her
personal site. Eva Alordiah did not mention her interest in making a
song with Angel Henry Junior Ogar, she had only made her visit to
Angel Henry Junior Ogar When She appeared to him. Eva Alordiah and
Angel Henry Junior Ogar did not conc…

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Diverts In And Out Of Earth

Nigeria Musician, Angel Henry Junior Ogar Have told the internet users
today that he has perceived planet that smells like fart. He said he
slept in between two worlds, Earth and unknown planet. According To
CGTN channel on Dstv "409" Scientist discovered a rotten egg planet,
as they comfirmed the planet which is among the nine planet has an
atmosphere for living things but smells like rotten eggs. Angel Henry
Junior Ogar Added i have been to Jupiter As the name is known. The
planet has 9 moons that are movable in space and time. The Planet He
has not revealed completely has creatures like animals but they are
fierce and have powers as big and physically seen like the world
itself. Visiting the bird world, he was able to see penguins and
mighty birds. He stayed in that planet and wrote the movie book 'BIRDS
RAMPAGE' Originally i started this book to participate in a GTBANK
book contest but the story is lengthy compared to the time frame for
submission …

Am Not A Friend Of 'Wizkid' Angel Henry Junior Ogar Complains

Angel Henry Junior Ogar is complaining he is not a friend of Wizkid.
The complain arose after he believed someone had admired him like
Wizkid. He said i dont even look like Wizkid, Why will someone admire
me like Wizkid. This had happened before when someone kept caling me
Wizkid and i had to tell the person am not Wizkid. Wizkid is not even
a friend because i cannot help him when in need neither can he do so.
We are not close to each other and do not have any means of
communicating with him.

Am Not A Critic Of "Joe" Angel Henry Junior Ogar Says Aloud

Joe Is A Musician that i know just one of his songs as a reminder to
his entire songs. Although I dont know all his songs but I have
listened to a few. Joe`s Cd will stare like i dont like his songs. but
i do. I have the interest to buy his album. Joe is an American
Musician and in comparison with Nigeria musicians Banky W will be a
match for that. Joe Sings from oldies and blues and rocked one
hairstyle with all his hair off like tupac. Joe is handsome in music,
well known an calling me a critic will be a bad idea. If i dont buy a
musicians album, that means the musician is not my fan because i care
about every fan. I can buy a musician song also if he or she follows
and participate in my activities. Once you are a musician or an actor
and even famous, people begin to engage in your activities and buy
your songs but as one who is famous, you dont need a downward stare on
anybody whether a music star or icon. The effect plays alot and
otherwise but your ability to contr…

Angel Henry Junior Ogar To Take Edward For A Photo Shoot

Icon Angel Henry Junior Ogar will take his Edward for a photo shoot
soon. He said Edward Has an entertaining series and wants to make it
developed a little. taking a photo will brighten and give a clearer
picture of him in the series. Edward Series Is Titled Edward Is A
Person. The Series Will now run on Edward's page on the internet.
Angel Henry Junior Ogar said. I do publish his series on my internet
link, but now Edward Will own his own page soon.

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Says He had No Encounter WIth Sonia Brawn

Sonia Brawn is an internet person i met on Facebook and after a long communication with her, she never concluded we meet on a date or even see with each other. she replied to my messages few times and then stopped. She is beautiful but this does not mean i have any relationship interlude with her am willing to do SUCH. I am not going into any relationship at the moment, neither am i in one. Relationship affects the music life, therefore i need to be careful in making friends.

Barbara Bush Did Not Reply Angel Henry Junior Ogar

Angel Henry Junior Ogar mentioned Barbara Bush on twitter to get a little information about what he had seen in a trance, but the tweet brought no reply. Angel Henry Junior Ogar reported saying he saw nothing anymore from the scene of GEORGE bush, Donald Trump, Laura Bush and Condoleezza Rice.

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Says There Is No Mix Feeling With Eva Alordiah

Eva Alordiah have been caught on the internet communicating with Angel Henry Junior Ogar, on a long conversation. Now Angel Henry Junior Ogar says there is nothing happening between them. The report from her internet link reveals she did not make any love statement or comment and the communication they had is friendly and business only.

Not withstanding, the both musicians wrote of meeting each other but till the time of this report there is no where they met with themselves.Angel Henry Junior Ogar only ended saying no mix feelings.

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Makes One Jet Song

My Lyrics Is a key stater to my fun, because once am singing i keep
feeling l am being taken by air. my voice pleases. i recorded my jet
song with my heart focused on how life flies fast on a scene. i keep
wondering if am alone. i keep my views to myself and i love to sing
with my heads up. i have only 10 songs and they all make me happy. my
jet lyrics came out when i thought of fame. every bit of fame and jet
lyrics flying me through height. i watch my music in my imagination
before giving a light of audience.

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Reports Cuts On Skin

Icon Angel Henry Junior Ogar Reports he is injured a little. The
Musician said he was cleaning off little hair trying to grow on his
skin before the blade made a tear on him. The Cut Is not severe and he
has taken care of it. He Said the pain from it is hurting but his body
is able to absorb the pain. Angel Henry Junior Ogar also added he is
not totally in a good state today.

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Exposes Kesha As The First Musician I Admired Before My First Album With Closer Attraction

Kesha Is the first musician i admired before going to make my first
album. Am not calling her a mentor, but i felt closer to her after
listening tn her song and staring at the title of her songs. The title
looks natural and her make up is glaring. Lady Gaga gets that stare
also after i saw her amazing scaring make up of her looking like a
monster. kesha became a look at! until i saw her on Mtv base which i
never even doubted was her. i looked with a sense of humuor, Angel
Henry Junior Ogar added,

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Says With His First Movie Book I Feel Motivated To Hit Another

With The first day of my movie book i already feel like making
another, the other movie book will be called executive child. This
will not be my only movie books but part of it. Telling this he said
the second movie book will feature just a character. He has admired
her for the roll for quiet a time now but havent told her. The first
movie book i wrote "The Endurance Lips" didnt get audience because i published it a saved file on the internet. i will make the book
available on here soon an will like you to read it.

Angel Henry Junior Ogar With Just A Plate Of Pasta And A Sour Day

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Likes everything about today, but he has
reported that he does not like the food these days but just eats.
Today he sent in a report saying his day is sour despite the bath he
had early. With just a plate of pasta, i should have felt more better,
but i feel i need to take off every poo outta my body and make sure i
dont grow any body hairs. i see body hairs on people i dont like it.
This should make me feel more relieved he said.

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Stars Internet Based Communication With Barbara Bush


The Message is just a tweet and more updates will return your way.

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Sends Condolence Message OF Cigarette to George Bush, Donald Trump, Laura Bush And Condoleezza Rice

Now it serious, few days before the breaking of George Bush illness, Angel Henry Junior Ogar attempted a telepathy to Donald Trump to save George Bush from death. The message came to Angel Henry Junior Ogar from the spirit world.

Scene " George Bush struggles with Cigarette, then Donald Trump came to help him out of it, leaving Donald Trump in a mess without anyone knowing how the mess came but there were ashes of Cigarette dropping on Donald Trumps Hair. George Bush wife now tries to Kill Angel Henry Junior Ogar with his father knowing nothing about this. His Father Edward Ogar is known at home to bring messages to them, but not this one. Condoleezza Rice on the other hand, now makes a shot with a Gun towards Donald Trump and Angel Henry Junior Ogar. Laura Bush was faint in the scene, but tried to force and stop Condoleezza Rice from shooting at Trump. Now George Bush is suffering physically from an Illness according to Usweekly headlines. Now Angel Henry Junior Ogar sees the I…

Music Class And Meditation Led My Music Start Up After Listening To Le Ann Rhymes

I like Le Ann Rhymes Black Eyes Blue Eyes song, it makes me feel so understanding, and close to Le Ann Rhymes. I listened to her songs a lot before i became a musician on the mic. Usually i will sing quietly and then run to press the play button on u Dad's old CD Player, then loud it and stay out of my house to listen how loud it will sound and if it makes the sound. I do this a lot when listening to 'Solo' Crew but for Le Ann Rhymes i just stay a little far away and listen to it because its very interesting to hear her voice from a distance. Then i began meditating with my creator to give the voice and coordination to sing. This took me long to understand, before studying music in a class. I meditate on the D r m a lot and learnt the flute which i can still use to sing my National Anthem. I like L;e Ann Rhyme Songs Angel Henry Junior Ogar continued saying he meditates for as long as an hour then try to sing and  little till he became perfect now He can even create a song…

After Sony Music Contacted Angel Henry Junior Ogar He Almost Signed A Contract With Columbia Records

Sony Music is the biggest music group worldwide and Columbia Records a branch of it. Nobody will ever refuse a contract with Columbia records or Sony Music as a whole. The Big Music group contacted me and i was asked to submit song for screening to the label H and R team. H and R team is responsible for accessing musicians songs and recruiting them to the music label. This i was ready to do before realized there was a fee to pay. I will pay a fee physically to a label will sign me on a money and long term contract but doing that over the internet may be absurd. I can not say if it was the real Columbia Records anymore, because i expected the label to sign me on a contract based fee like other Nigeria act they have signed. I have not been given a contract by the label yet after the cash finalization did not go through and i hope the group get back to me. Sony Music is a record label i have always wanted to work with even before the completion of my debut album. The group contacted me …

Wizkid And Chris Brown Can not Use Angel Henry Junior Ogar Influence

Angel Henry Junior Ogar is confirming That Wizkid and Chris Brown do not his influence. THE COMPLAIN he made has a clear statement that the two musicians “Wizkid” and “Chris Brown” may be using his influence because he is a new musician, and sometimes he sees the profiles of the musicians mentioned “Wizkid” and “Chris BROWN” look like his own.  Angel Henry Junior Ogar also added the reason to his confirmation saying is that “Wizkid and “Chris Brown” are popular musicians and have been on the web for long. Although Angel Hen Junior Ogar also has internet account for long as they have done which was not active, created as a child he says they are not using his influence.

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Says Wizkid’s Phone Swallowed His Credit

Angel Henry Junior Ogar is not angry for not singing with wizkid, He is only unhappy that Wizkid’s phone swallowed his credit when he called. Angel Henry Junior Ogar called wizkid’s phone, only for the whole credit to disappear without the phone ringing back to a dial. The result of the phone call is clear Angel Henry Junior Ogar Did not get any conversation with Wizkid or Sunday Are his music promoter and publicist. Angel Henry Junior Ogar also said that he has not contacted Wizkid since that time. Wizkid has so many facebook accounts, but I used his phone number because it was written on his twitter profile. I can not beat a phone or technology Angel Henry Junior Ogar said, and only thing I can say is the network is faulty. The other claim should be he uses his phone number to collect peoples money, which will not be a good statement.

Chris Brown EXIT Does Not Relate To Angel Henry Junior Ogar complain

Chris Brown have been singing for universal music label for years, and only stated his exit few months ago. Before the statement regarding his exit, Angel Henry Junior Ogar has made a claim that Chris Brown may be using Angel Henry Junior Ogar influence on the internet to appear outstanding. This claim which is only a mere claim, says; I see Chris Brown in My Thoughts and It seems He is Using my internet influence. I am a new musician, and this should have made Chris Brown to want to pick my internet attitude for his entertainment growth since it is useful. The use is that it makes musicians look outstanding. Angel Henry Junior Ogar said this has nothing to do with his exit from Universal Music Record because he never filed any official petition. Angel Henry Junior Ogar is a Hip hop musician just like Chris Brown with a little difference of classical genre. If Chris Brown used this influence, then it w a perfect cover but not his reason for exit.

Angel and The Beginning Of The Journey Is Henry Junior Ogar

The beginning bore me as a child with the name Henry Junior Ogar, This name grew so popular and I wondered at will become of me. I acted a lot of dramas and wrote a lot of letter and tricked people to Make them laugh. I began the whole Angel life without knowing because it seemed I was covered in a clothing spiritually. The first time I heard this revelation, I doubted it but doubting it made no difference. I began to speak in tongues and deliver people off their spiritual attack. The prophet who did the prayer that unveiled my clothed cover said it was a spiritual attack. He is a Catholic so I never doubted. Even if it was not a Catholic person I won’t doubt because I saw the sign myself. I was not present during fight with the Queen of the coast and snakes but he overcomes them. At that time, I saw spirits as they dance round a tree in a town in Abuja.

I believed all these were a trailing spirit but I never knew which spirit it was. I fought with succubus, and naked spirits just …

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Says He Repented Before Angelic Life

My Angelic life began after my spiritual encounter when I saw creatures from the spiritual world. I used to sin less or should I say not at all, but I don’t call my self righteous. I may be called righteous because everything I did was guided by spiritual thoughts. The morning I pray, and noon and evening then id developed to praying every minute I am not doing anything and I became busy always making me pray always even when I share posts. My repentance means praying constantly and more devotedly.
Before seeing spiritual creatures, I went into 14 days fasting, the first seven days looked like I was sick but I told close by watchers in my home I wasn’t. My parents were the ones and i am always forced to eat. I developed a habit of starving and praying during these periods and I avoided them a little staying in the room praying. These periods were dark as I did nothing but prayed and felt unconscious but knowing I avoiding food. I didn’t eat straight for about six days to seven. Durin…