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Top story

Lindy Mtongana Will Make A Good Friendship With Angel Henry Junior Ogar

Breaking News; Angel Henry Music Received by BBC Music

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Angel Henry Junior Ogar Takes No Down Step In Reverbnation

With more music plays, Angel Henry Junior Ogar increases fan base on
Reverbnation music platform, and he keeps himself on the number one
spot in Abuja City musicians. The musician is also working hard to
keep his songs up and make his national music ranking upgraded to
first place. it is difficult to remain at the number one spot in the
national category but he believes he will make a steady standing.
Angel Henry Junior Ogar also stays at the number 116 position in
classical music ranking worldwide.

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Suffers Scolding From Virginia Ogar Over New Hairstyle

Nigeria musician have told his blog source that he is happy with his
fashion on his new hairstyle, but he is undergoing scolding about not
keeping a low hairstyle by combing and pressing it down. His mother
Virginia Ogar, according to Angel Henry Junior Ogar always talk of him
behaving strange, and identifying the new hairstyle as the cause of
it. Angel Henry Junior Ogar is not unhappy, telling vmo that he will
make his hair more fashionable, till it looks like he wants. He sees
people with hair and he wants to be among the few males wearing long
fashion hairstyle.
-Angel Henry Daily

Why Angel Henry Junior Ogar's NGN 4,000 Naira Fish Bone Shoe Did Not Get A Celebrity Status

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Said his NGN 4,000 Nair Shoe did not get
popular because he rarely took photos of the fine leather shoe he
wears with his "Legolas" suit. The shoe is also worn by the musician
at times with plain trouses,jean and shirts when ever he does not wear
a vans or sneakers. The shoe got old after leaving with me for
two-three years and got wrinkled after beaten by water. The fish bone
designer shoe was later given out to a favorite shoe repairer, who
polishes his shoe. Even with few photos of him with it, he never took
photos of full scale that exposes his legs expect portrait and leg
photo. He said finally that he will search his photo archives for a
full photo. -Angel Henry Daily

Angel Henry Junior Ogar To Apply The Use Of 'AI' On His Music And Alphanumeric Data

The use of AI, known as artificial intelligence is global and Nigerian
Musician is the first to make use of it in the Nigeria music sector.
The AI is set to work as a developer and programmer on all his
alphanumeric printed data on the internet. The AI will carry out
numerous task of up to 4 million data that is expected to increase the
digital economy of 'Angel Henry Junior Ogar'. This is not installed
for his internet song marketing at this time due to genuine collection
of traffic statistics,but will be soon. Angel Henry Junior Ogar will
also use AI for his scheduled blog car.

One Billion Naira Mansion Is Not A Gamechanger In Entertainment

Angel Henry Junior Ogar exposes that a One Billion Naira Mansion Is
Not A Gamechanger In Entertainment. The mansion may be a shelter but
it does not add income. I still have to make a stock broker Cd sale to
reach a maximum celebrity level. I like the entertainment spirit
because it does not come in and go, it makes you drunk in highlife
celebrity fortune. I am social about letting my song reach billions
but not making a One billion naira mansion cover my top story without
net income, as this will give my blog a mesothelomia disease. The game
changer is a rank and more download sells like a plumber on water
pipes, without a music trade deficit with music box cart. If Grace
gets less than 30 cents or 90.02 naira in the blog car then a billion
naira mansion in Nigeria can move in magic wheels making you rejoice
that the gas/electricity in your area is regulated.

Breaking News: Angel Henry Junior Ogar Makes A New Hairstyle

Angel Henry Junior Ogar, has developed his hair. He took the step to
the saloon after finding out his hair developed an under growth and
almost began to smell offensively. He said he only blew and stretched
it until he make a conclusion if he will carve out the edges. The
hairstyle he is carrying now is a blow out but he has not updated any
photograph of it yet on the internet. Musician Angel Henry Junior Ogar
said he will take a shot perhaps when the hair is long enough. The
hair is barely 1 feet and he seem not too comfortable. "I can only
help out with a new photo of my hairstyle if it exceeds its current
length". I only made a wash and dry.