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Top story

Lindy Mtongana Will Make A Good Friendship With Angel Henry Junior Ogar

Breaking News; Angel Henry Music Received by BBC Music

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Eva Alordiah And Angel Henry Junior Ogar In Love And Thinking New Single

The Just separated Musician 'Eva Alordiah' from her Previous Lover
recently contacted Angel Henry Junior Ogar from a reply on His comment
from her personal Blog.

The Conversation started from his comment on her post talking of Break
Ups and Relationship, How to Get off it. Hours after Angel Henry
posted His comment He got a reply.

Read Short Conversation Below:

Angel Henry Junior - Angel Henry1/12/2018 11:50 am
I comment twice as a super Fan, I like Secret Lover »$:

Lovely break up and move tips. Its nice to know you developed a
strategy to move on, Because am sure it can affect your musical
career, since it can become part of YOU. The break up is even worse I
suppose. Sadly I am not in a relationship and not ready for any, and I
don't even know how it feels also. Cool to know you are back up.
Perhaps you will do more better getting fully back up out of
communications with your previous Lover.

Back again though, where is your reply on a single I requested…

All My Phone Recordings Were Interesting Says Angel Henry Junior Ogar

I used to record sounds from my phone, and it became interesting.
Before I learned the Microphone trick I made my phone a microphone and
sand freestyles, sometimes written songs and listened to

My first Studio experience was just for sight seeing, as I never enter
a studio for any reason.

I had over 100 phone recordings before making my first studio single.
I rap, sing and attempt Reggae on guitar also. The first to last phone
recording was never boring even when I listened to them over and over

News: Angel Henry Is Clean Of One And Half Day Starvation Eats Pinch

I started my starvation training to keep fit a day ago. I cannot
believe I couldn't believe I can not stay 2 days without food. The
combination all through sums up to one day and a half.

The first day, I stayed all through without food or water until the
evening when I took a pinch of food. Today again I did the same but
drank water severally with pinch of food twice.

I became clean of one and half day starvation as I tried to poo and
felt empty just the pinch fell off. Also my stomach is flatter and my
body fat have reduced. Now I have to mix up with workouts daily
without sleep.

News: The First Review Of Memory An Angel Henry Book Gets Completed

Angel Henry previously published a book titled 'Memory', and it was
submitted for Review. The book review took few hours for a feedback to
be gotten by the musician.

After the review gets completed, Angel Henry was advised to develop
content, which He has not made disclosed. However, He says He is
already preparing a process for the development if the reviewers

Angel Henry Completes Memory An Easy Learning Book And Publishes For Review

Angel Henry also writes, and have written a book titled 'Memory'. The
book is for easy learning of vocabulary and it is made for every
persons who is willing to learn.

The book have not been published online, but have been published for
review physically. It contains just 26 Pages of content and its
scheduled to be sold at a give out price to school children.

After the successful completion of "Legal Guide On How To Make Money
Online" In 2013, Angel Henry have written 'The Endurance Lip' Yet to
be fully published, but have been partly published on Amazon also.

Angel Henry Talks Of A Single With Runtown

A collaboration on a song with Runtown, may work out as Angel Henry
contacted Mr David this morning.

A flash call and message was sent to Runtown's management today, at
8:00am. The phone of Musician Angel Henry later rang and after pick
up, He spoke to Mr David, who maybe Runtown's Pr.

The conversation went in regards to the message sent, asking for a
song duo with the artiste Runtown. He later ended the call, but Angel
Henry is still waiting for a reply.

Angel Henry Ghost like Photo Got Him Scared In The Morning

Early hours of the day, when I opened the front of the house I live
in, I felt unlike myself. I took a selfie and felt worse as I looked
at my face staring unlike it.

I begin to think its a Ghost in me. I took more selfies till I regain
this look. The morning was very cold and perhaps Ghost were moving.

Timaya Says Dem Mama Records Signs Artiste No More As Angel Henry Submits Demo

Dem Mama Records have sent a reply message to Angel Henry, saying it
Music group does not sign artiste anymore.

Yesterday morning, The Official email of Timaya enters a communication
with Angel Henry, which is now over. The Conversation is in regard of
the artiste 'Angel Henry', getting a label deal with the Music group.

After an hour, The reply sent to Angel Henry reads "DM do not sign
artiste anymore". The original reason is not clear, but after the
quitting of Patoranking from the group the Label has actually been
quiet except singles from Timaya Himself.

Angel Henry is still with His personal label group AAH Records. (Arch
Angel Henry Records).

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Gets Fake Number From Amarachi Dance A Fake Account Of Amarachi Uyanne

Angel Henry Junior Ogar has reacted after calling the number He
collected from a facebook account, with the name Amarachi Dance.

He said the number given to him by the account operator was invalid,
despite the account name being titled 'Amarachi Dance'.

The number was later edited, and dialed but a male picked up and said
wrong number. Doubting is the account for the musician, as He only
chat with the operator since its her nickname.

Angel Henry Says He Has Contacted Univeral Music Group Of Sony Music To Market His Album

Nigeria Musician, Angel Henry, reports that his album compilation is
on a delay due to power supply and Generator failure as he shares a
photo from his neighborhood

However, He has said He already communicated with Labels, including
universal Music group which is a division of Sony Music Label to
assist the marketing of his album.

The Grace album which is a record of 9 tracks which includes his
previously recorded 'Shake IT' done in 2016.

Angel Henry also commented saying He is in a communication with
Nigeria No 1 music director "Clearance Peters"via his email for a Video of his single
Shake IT. This never went through as the music director never replied.

News: Angel Henry Shares A Photo From The Church Saying He Admires Taylor Swift

Angel Henry Says He admires Taylor Swift, as He shares a photo He has
taken from the Church Yesterday. The Photo shows him looking down from
a portrait view with Gazing eyes.

See What He says about Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift is a good musician. I like her tracks so well, an her out
fits makes cool appearances.

I have always feel like am close to Taylor Swift, even though She is
not in Africa.

She sometimes occupy my Imagination, and I wish it was real. Taylor
Swift is Cool.

I have also seen and gone through some of her photos on the internet recently