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Top story

Lindy Mtongana Will Make A Good Friendship With Angel Henry Junior Ogar

Breaking News; Angel Henry Music Received by BBC Music

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Angel Henry Junior Ogar Talks Of His Internet Gmail Trading

I spend time on my gadget with trading of loan and insurance Angel
Henry Junior Ogar told gmail source for his internet stories. He said
the talks on Carlifonia motorcycle accident vs adsense have
become expensive and an attorney or lawyer can not help you even if it
is a mesothelomia attorney because you only waste your trading data.
Even the Rolls Royce Suv of 2018 with millions of dollar attached to
it, still have what may be a trade war market fall because cars like
lamborghini are still on the verge of huge sales. Trading latest music
became difficult but still useful for internet word insurance since it
has about $0.025 bid attached. More usefully, Angel Henry Junior Ogar
now gets Google refferals that leaves your device upadated to latest
Google data optimized saver when you search anything you want from
Angel Henry Daily Google search engine. Streaming Angel Henry Junior
Ogar song now adds to your grade one entertainment on your device. Use

Medieaval Artiste "Angel Henry Junior Ogar" Finds Maria Minerva From Estonia

Angel Henry Junior Ogar, the Nigeria Medieval Artiste has confirmed
that he sent a tweet to Maria Minerva the Estonia female musician. The
tweet on twitter read "yes" and further saying i will your happiness.
This he didnt confirm if he sent the tweet following up what he said
about looking for a music friend from Botswana. Angel Henry Junior
Ogar only said he replied to her studio album "will you find my
happiness?". The Estonia musician is not highly popular but will be a
great market if they became friends, and exchange music business idea
from Nigeria To Estonia. Angel Henry Junior Ogar then added he will
love to travel to Estonia for meet with Maria Minerva pending her
reply, and will be pleased to perform along with her on stage. On my
next tweet to Maria Minerva, I will let her know my intentions. Angel
Henry Junior Ogar is new in the music scene in Africa and will enjoy a
little tutor with her, knowing she has hit tie Estonia Lime Light.

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Joins Harry And Meeghan In Botswana Love

The Royal Harry and Meghan from United Kingdom, down to Hollywood are
admiring a honeymoon in the country Botswana in the southern Africa.
This has boosted Angel Henry Junior Ogar's feeling to set a keep mind
set perhaps he could meet a Botswana musician, or better still get a
concert or entertainment invitation. He has also seen and watched the
promotion of the two to be couples on "May 19th 2018" on "BBC.COM".
Angel Henry Junior Ogar also will feature on BBC MUSIC within the
entrance to summer or anytime in the middle of 2018. The Nigeria music
scene has latest music and mine is among therefore looking for a
latest musician in Botswana will give me an award that may strengthen
me like a number one ranked musician victory also. The Queen of
England "Queen Elizabeth" is also happy of her son "Harry's" ceremony
to come forth. BBC TV will feature every bit as the two lovers decide
a stay in Botswana for a honeymoon or not.

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Tells That A Strand Of His Hair Is Long As His Palm

I want my hair to grow as long as long as my palm, because i like my
hair texture. I found out that i have not experienced the feeling of
my longest hair and i keep cutting it down, whch make me feel
incoplete. Now I am keeping it to grow, and finding out a strang is
almost a feet long keeps me hopeful that it will reach my target. I
even want it to grow as long a trend, perhaps a Nigeria hair and this
will really turn me up to great fashion. Style is fashion and i will
be a great fashion person when i complete this adventure. The
interesting part of it is like it makes me feel am using the best
smartphone 2018, or driving a rio 2018 and thinking of cash out
structured settlement and yes i really dont need a mesothelomia
attorney to tell me i look great because i will feel and look great
with a pound weight hair or hair a foot lengthy.

Angenl Henry Junior Ogar Says He Does Not Need A Mesothelomia Attorney To Proclaim Christ Accenssion

Jesus acsended into heaven in the hebrew Bible and according to some
Greek scholars. The Acsencion is the act of moving up and neither was
i there or had seen it Angel Henry Junior Ogar said, but i have seen a
preview of what the ascension of Christ Jesus looks like and i don't
need a mesothelomia attorney to proclaim this. The Feast day is today
in many part of the earth and i have met and seen Jesus Christ before
now where told me that his head is bigger than my portrait. I didn't
deny this because I saw it myself in a ghost wavy and water like form
right in my compound in my neighbourhood. It began to look scary
speaking to ancestors, and i had to say Jesus Christ did ascended to
Heaven either by art or real in the world, but he smiles always
letting no one except those present to believe. If I were a
mesothelomia attorney I will say am just another set up to make people
believe in a being greater than anything you have ever encountered
with powers. I will meet Jesus Christ…

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Introduces 'Read And Make Money'

Nigeria Musician, with his latest updates has told us he wlll now use
Angel Henry Daily to share his new campaign for readers of his blog to
make income. This he said, that each reader with the higest number of
comments on his news and entertainment updates will win 100 Naira
weekly. The upgrade is just to enable people who reads his internet
updates to keep a percent saving of cash out structured settlement.
There is no policy for this, as you need to make a comment on what you
read with your email. Angel Henry Junior Ogar will also be sending out
his CD free to anyone who purchases all of his songs from the music
player above so you can have both digital and audio cd versions. Every
reader is allowed to participate, and you can comment as many times as
you like even on old post. (Comments Will Be Published).

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Now A Cash Out Structured Settlement?

Nigeria Musician, after talking of a private jet, best smartphone
2018, honda accord 2018, superbowl 2018, now talks of how he can
become a cash out structured settlement. He told online source and
blog viewers that he has seen and read business manganet and
philantropist making millions of trade $ (dollar), and this have set
his 'working drone' (slangs) effort to a high Google and gmail
interaction by making his mail active and try to appear more on
Google, Yahoo, Bing, and other search engines. He also created and
completed an internet business data bank for data sales on music, and
stories. Angel Henry Junior Ogar have also worked on an internet based
search tool '' and an internet link that will
serve as a networking social site for people and also yield profits
for internet users who browse the internet and make use of the
internet linking '', He concluded saying he is
in the finalizing end of the network for sto…

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Confirms The Condolence On President Donald Trump Is The Creator

The condolence spirit that visited that visited President Donald Trump
of United States in my dream, have been confirmed to be the Creator of
all things whom i call my father. The Creator, visited me in my sleep
with the presence of several people in American Government, and my
earthly Dad. The Creator revealed that it was talking of the mess that
was to make President Donald Trump leave the Iran Nuclear deal which
he did to make the world more interesting in the aim to fight
terorrism. The President Trump Government almost made Angel Henry
Junior Ogar shoot continously at the Creator forgetting that the
Americans see it as 'GOD'. Angel Henry Junior Ogar explained that God
Was begining to look like the Creator itself knowing fully that it
should be regarded as God for themselves at all time and same applies
to every religion so one does not end up calling and adoring names
instead of the One we should honor and adore.

Eva Alordiah Tricked Me To Contact Her Label 'Angel Henry Junior Ogar'

I once told the readers of Angel Henry Daily about my escapade with
Nigeria female rapper 'Eva Alordiah' when she asked me to contact her
label for a music work. Before I contacted her label, i was feeling
she owned and managed herself until she told me to contact her label.
I didnt know the Woltrk email i have seen her affilated With, but i
had only her music contact email. Eva Alordiah told me to email her,
which i did, and never knew if she saw it or not. She did not reply
me, neither did i get an introduction if she recieved the mail or not.
I have not spoken to Eva Alordiah for sometime now and the only feels
i get is a navigator "which means i may talk to her or not" Am still
single and don't want any love life to depress me when am singing
neither am i ready for fights and fake dramas if she is actually
coming for a relationship attached with a song duet.

I Can Own A Private Jet Also As Angel Henry Junior Ogar Exclaimed

Angel Henry Junior Ogar exclaimed he can join the team of private jet
owners when his music establishes. He said this to entertainment news
sources that the private jet is not an issue but a game of profit and
loss. Telling this he recalled that he has seen alot of private jet
and perhaps one of them flyin could actually be for a famous celebrity
or even Christa or better the Creator, even an angel. This gives him
an intiution about how hard he needs to work as a musician because
selling yourself in this market is very hectic, from building a fan
base and getting them entertained daily one can not say its easy. The
original truth is my digital songs are not selling yet, and the
physical profit from Cd's have been used to send message to people in
different places with digital promotions just to reach more persons he
added, and now asking readers to buy his songs, so he can fly to their

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Talks A Song In Heaven

Musician, Angel Henry Junior Ogar is telling everyone that he met a
music producer, and another one in a place out of the physical world.
He told his internet source clearly that he saw the people and
initially they smelt like angels but he was not sure that they are. He
focused properly and saw that they almost looked like people he see in
the physical realm but were not. This has amused him alot, that he can
not say where he will make his next album or song. The songs or album
i expose next may get a heavenly recording, and if it does then i can
tell i met fellow angels, who may have not found themselves to be
angels, but my song work with them will help them to discover their
true selves. If they do, then they may see me as their mediator and
anchor from above.

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Is One Of Nigeria Best Musicians

Singing is my hobby and i love it, Angel Henry Junior Ogar tells
internet sources. I sing classical music and have become the best
musician in my city. When i was a child, very little i will sing
blues, and Rnb then turn to the TV and say i want to become a
musician. The Abuja finest musician is tagged to be the world music
icon in nearest time, because his musicals are well composed and
arranged lyrics that makes you sit quiet as you listen. Angel Henry
Junior Ogar songs have been recorded to be associated with magic and
creation, linking through the medieval times and used to fight attacks
from evil without control. Songs like his music titled "Track" can be
used to attack boredom and sometimes go as far as for self exorcism.
He is one of Nigeria finest musician and will certainly be recognized
with time to come. Angel Henry Junior Ogar is one of the artist to
become a fan to when you are dedicated to listening to music without
leaving the Creator's presence.

Henry Ogar Reveals That He Splited From His Close To Relationship After The Evil Dragging

Nigeria little angel and musician, have given reason why he splited
from his close friendship that almost became a relationship and war.
Yes the art of love is precious but not when it gets complicated. I
met the girl who i am not saying her name because i feel its against
all odds on Angel Henry Daily. The reason to this, is that after
knowing her for some time, there came a time when she began acting
strange and the best thing to do is to leave her to remain on her own.
I started to teleport to unusual places from sleep and behold, the
girl does not even dream according to her. Suddenly, a day came when i
found out that two spirits were dragging her soul which am unable to
say if its the creator and his craft or a dangerous play from demons.
One of the demons even came towords me and attempted what seem like
blood sucking and i became aware there are dark forces within the
earth that have left the control of the creator to use their powers
for destruction my rebuking power seperate…

News: Angel Henry Says He Is A Real Angel

Its no longer surprising that Angel Henry Junior Ogar may be a real

angel with no one finding out. Angel Henry Junior Ogar shared this on
his facebook status saying he is a real angel but people keep looking
for olden day angels to come and answer their prayers or talk to them.
He is a representation of the creator he said asking people what they
want. Angel Henry Junior Ogar expressed himself saying it seem people
do not qualities of an angel an they only believe myths. The little
story of his angelic life can be found on his biography on the
internet. Angel Henry Junior Ogar told the internet source that Angels
come from heaven and he is from there revealing himself on the
internet from heaven, meeting with angels and gods with the creator
and then telling his adventure to people also. He added that he can
perform a few miracles only base on their believe.

Guanyin Finally Took Angel Henry To Visit Anansi To Visit The Cross River Goddess

Recently Angel Henry Junior Ogar, visited China spirits and met with
Guanyin, the Chinese goddess. He said further that he kept recieving
stare from China river goddess until he saw Anansi the Cross River
State goddess who looks on symbols like a mermaid spirit. The Spirit
Anansi looks like a wife to NyarmahNyarmah another African god in
native belifs. Angel Henry Junior Ogar was driven in a car, by said to
be Guanyin angels with one trying to lure him away from meeting with
Anansi, saying he likes him. Finally Angel Henry Junior Ogar was
driven inside the ocean with the car and immediately they entered the
ocean which looks like the atlantic ocean, Anansi the Cross River
goddess carried him in a boat and after there, she rode with him for
few minutes and then disappeared gradually. Angel Henry Junior Ogar
then told Guanyin that he will return to China soon to visit them with

Beyonce Turns To A Ghost And Angel Henry Junior Ogar Saw Her From Heaven At Met Gala

Nigeria Capital city top ranked musician, Angel Henry Junior Ogar have
written that he sees ghost which made him to see Beyonce appearing as
a ghost at Met Gala 2018. She is really present at the show, but
according to what he saw, Beyonce didn't really attend the festival
but photos from the scene also displayed that Beyonce Knowles, the
American musician was not really needed at the Red carpet for the
event to hold place. The Met Gala which held at United States didn't
see Beyonce's presence but she wasnt the only person as Kanye West was
backed up by his wife saying Kanye West absence is because he was on a
fifth album. The description sounded provocative although it is the
only explanation of a Kanye's Fatherhood Family and needed to be
believed. Kim Kardashian, said fifth album but it seem like perhaps
its a Kim Kardashian slang because Kanye West has an internet record
of 8 musical albums.

Kendall Jenner Cannot Be Scared Of Angel Henry Junior Ogar Favorite Snack 'Pancake'

I love to eat pancakes,and when i surface the Internet, i see
headlines like Kendall Jenner is not scared of pan cakes after all.
This gets me wondering why someone would be scared of Angel Henry
Junior Ogar's favorite snack, 'The Pancakes'. Over the years i eat
pancakes alot mhxed with salt and sometimes with sugar. The best taste
i can not tell but i just chew it and enjoy the yummy feeling i chew
the soft baked/fried snack and sometimes i roll it to a cylinder shape
and eat it like sausage, with every soft feeling i wonder how Kendall
Jenner will ever get scared of this food. Though that was only a
subtitle I should guess Kendall Jenner likes the lovely rounded flour
made food. It makes on get additional senses almost immediately and
look smarter.

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Visited Aso Rock Before Dogara And Sariki Meeting With President Muhammadu Buhari In Abuja

Nigeria Foreign ties, grow stronger, and the President Muhammadu
Buhari keeps working with the United States to improve the country's
economy. Angel Henry Junior Ogar describes his visit to Aso Rock
saying he contributed to Nigeria economy after a message from his
visions, saying the country will be very much interesting if there is
a free gift of money to people's bank account annually in a monthly
set. Although not revealing the source of his contribution, he added
that he hopes the closed meeting with President Muhammadu Buhari,
Dogara and Sariki outcome joins his vision and hope for free gift of
money, especially to his own bank account. This he said because the
creator is a rich being, he owns the sun, earth, planets, galaxy and
more and will acknowledge Nigeria as a place to be, perhaps his
resting palace.

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Mimicks President Donald Trump 'America Wil Not Be Held Blackmail Of Any Nuclear Deal'

If I were President Trump, Angel Henry Junior Ogar said he will
withdraw from a Nuclear deal also. He said this after he confirmed the
United State President reaction was funny, beacuse he frowned while
saying the withdrawal speech. The reason for President Trump
withdrawal is the Iranian Nation disagreement to open their Nuclear
Bomb Arena. Angel Henry Junior Ogar said as he watched from Heaven,
He heard Israel ('The home of Jesus Christ') Prime Minister Nathaniel
Nethanyu support President Trump as Jesus Christ watches the
revelations he decleared decades ago happen. At the scene, Angel Henry
Junior Ogar informed vmo internet source that at the time of this
withdrawal of Us from Iran Nuclear deal, there was a misile bomb scare
it is also clear that some threat of Iranin Military were present in
Syria. The United States President "Donald Trump" further said that
United States can sanction France, Germany, China, any other country
that help Iran achieve it nuclear d…

Angel Henry Junior Ogar To Visit Abuja Millenium Park For A Creation

Representing figure in music from Medieval Era and classic music icon
in Abuja talks of visiting recreational centers in the city center
Abuja. The musician also said he has been to the place severally and
it is really a recreation center. The Millenium Park is where people
go out to have fun, and watch people play around and have fun. It has
been very noticable for the bringing together of people during
festivals and at other times remained very quiet. Talking of
entertainment, Angel Henry Junior Ogar is saying he may get into talks
with the management in a business relationship with the park on
performances and touring activities. The only delay will be his
popularity in the city "Abuja" however he will make an attempt in
getting a music showcase opportuinity with them.

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Says Kim Kardashian May Indirectly To Him On A Kanye West Headline News

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West joined the list being ruled by Miley
Cyrus in the American festival "Gala". This got Kim Kardashian to get
on the Entertainment News with a headline saying something like Kim
Kardashian Met Kanye West in 2018 Gala, which you were there. The Top
Abuja Musician, Angel Henry Junior Ogar said the headline seemed to be
directed to him on the talk of the tweet he had mention Kanye West.
Angel Henry Junior Ogar, did not go viral with the tweet but did say
that now it may just be an entertainment reply that he is getting an
indirect reply from American Tv Personality concerning a tweet to her
husband and the father to North West. Perhaps I Should read more of
the details because she might have included me in the Gala Fun, Angel
Henry Junior Ogar told the internet.

The Fowl Bird In Angel Henry Junior Ogar House Joins The Eagle Bird

Angel Henry Junior Ogar confirms that the fowl in his house which has
lived for some time without a name have joined the Eagle Birds. This
he said after studying the eagle bird and finding out that the Fowl
was demonstrating what looks like an eagle and have also displayed
habit and character that looks exactly like an eagle explaining that
whenever someone comes close to it, it flies up an attacks like and
eagle going for a prey. He also told vmo internet that it spreads it
wings an tries to fly looking exactly like an eagle. Angel Henry
Junior Ogar also explains that the bird did this from when it was
about to harsh it eggs until it harshed and now its acting even more
cruel like an eagle and Angel Henry Ogar said he almost saw it like an

Gala Its What Angel Henry Junior Ogar Eat And Now Miley Cyrus Gets Popular Even More At Gala

Angel Henry Junior Ogar told the internet that he has eaten more than
a hundred pieces of Gala, and now the Gala festival is making Miley
Cyrus more popular as she outstands with her dressing to the Gala
festival. Speaking about this, Angel Henry Junior Ogar laments
jokingly saying 'Gala didn't make me more popular, and now someone
tops the world popularity chart with Gala outfit'. Calling this an
angel's influence, Angel Henry said that he was behind Miley Cyrus
spritually, and she is a spritual friend, she has been to Vatican and
my spirit lives there which have perhaps and almost certain joined
Miley Cyrus to the Gala festival. The exact believe is i eat Gala,
Miley Cyrus is a friend, and gala is my favourite snacks. Angel Henry
Junior Ogar attended Gala festival with Miley Cyrus in spirit.

In Abuja The Catholic Man Edward Ogar And Virginia Ogar Fixes Car As Angel Henry Watches Hilariously

Angel Henry Junior Ogar, is watching a hilarious life display, as
Edward Ogar and his woman Virgina Ogar fixes their car. In the drama
of life, Angel Henry said the way the two of them acts before the car
got fixed almost threw him out of the house. The public figures in a
Catholic Church, St Mary's Parish in a town in Fct Abuja have made the
car look robotic again as the toyota series car became sound again
with the fixing of a faulty horn. The Toyota asset have been grooming
noise and mechanical issues like it was being used for a Formular 1
race or it went on a Toyota test drive ride. I have just an idea what
happened in the Public Figure people life, because their act seemed
like the manaully boosted robotic car like a toyota will be when it is
unusually handled will be got fixed like a new gadget.

Review By Angel Henry Junior Ogar On Mtn Phone As Phone He May Get

As the news on best smartphone for 2018 crawls the web, Angel Henry
Junior Ogar says after reviewing the Mtn Gadget, he found it suiting
for use but the only lag is the ability for it processor to run more
applications. He mentioned this because of the 512mb ram, being used
by the phone. Explaining, he said the best smartphone 2018 as reviewed
by others, is a good smartphone to enter his list of collections on
the number of phones he has used. He told the Angel Henry Daily blog
that he has used over 15 types of handset, since the introduction of
gsm to Nigerga. Angel Henry Junior Ogar concluded saying if he gets
the smartphone, it may turn out to be his best smartphone in 2018,
because it has all the features of a best smartphone for 2018.

In Latest Nigeria Entertainment News Angel Henry Junior Ogar Talks Of Honda Accord 2018

Latest Nigeria entertainment news on Angel Henry Daily is that the
musician is talking of the 2018 honda accorda car. When asked by vmo,
why he has chosen to expose talks of the car model, he said he likes
it and it looks like a jaguar car. He only spoke of getting it when
he has a car budget, saying there is no car budget at the moment,
Angel Henry Junior Ogar has told vmo internet that he will be
exploring fashion and movies soon when he visits the favorite city's
cinema. The Abuja city cinema location is one of the place he likes to
visit and this summer he will be at the venue to see new movies or the
famous wakanda movie. He added that he never got a beast as a gift,
but if he were given the ford beast again he will accept but still
love to drive the 2018 honda accord.

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Says He Keeps His Gmail Account Clean

Using Tech gadgets can be fraustrating, but for gmail user 'Angel
Henry Junior Ogar" its not. Here is what the musician told his daily.
"I like emails alot, and i recieve a lot dailx. from technology
updated post from google+ to daily entertainment updates. I dont like
to see that multiple of email collections in my gmail inbox, so i mark
delete all my inbox after scrolling my gmail for recieved email
updates. You can never see my gmail inbox dirty with mails for more
than 2 days when am not on the internet. Once am on the internet, i
ensure my gmail is clean and i leave it again for more updates. The
Gmail email is one of my most use email, so leaving it filled up makes
me loose important email messages, it may be a gift, or a big money
game and i love to take no losing chances.

Will Angel Henry Junior Ogar Get The Best Smartphone 2018?

Angel Henry Junior Ogar says its time to change his phone, and he is still focusing on how to get the best smartphone 2018 because it looks like some phones such as Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus: the best smartphone. iPhone X. Huawei P20 Pro. Samsung Galaxy S9. Google Pixel 2 XL. Huawei Mate 10 Pro. Samsung Galaxy Note 8. LG V30. were rated top on "Techradar" website. The musician said getting one of these phones, will be great but the only reason he will not get this is if the budget is above his annual gadget budget. I like gadget, and i will ensure a close look at the phones i get is among the best smartphone 2018 gadgets he told vmo internet.

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Climbs To 163rd Globally And 3rd In Nigeria

Nigeria classical musician "Angel Henry Junior Ogar" have reached 163
from 222nd position in music chart Globally, ranked by the music
application 'Reverbnation'. The ranking was updated today, as his
Album is seen to have reached 40 plays. Angel Henry Junior, says he is
very glad the song ranking has developed within few days, and thank
all his listeners on the internet for paying attention to his songs.
The Music app, "Reverbnation" could not manage his album sale earlier
this year, as reported by the website saying the royalty revenue sites
lik Apple, Itunes, Amazon etc can not fund Nigerians at the moment
from the website. Although his songs can be bought individually from
the music site and also streamed and listened but cannot give
royalties unless Angel Henry Junior Ogar relocates to another country
listed on their royalty plan or open an account from one of the

Angdl Henry And Eva Alordiah Engaged In Chat

The two musicians did not engage in the headies award discussion
despite having tried to participate but the award went to others.
Angel Henry Junior Ogar and Eva rather spoke to themselves about going
to shop rite as Eva Alordiah mentioned. without saying what she wants
to get, Angel Henry said he will go with her if she invites him. After
a short chat with the aid of a telepathy Eva Alordiah cut off the
communication to face her twitter fans who have long been waiting for
a reply to their tweet concerning the headies award. Angel Henry
Junior Ogar then told Eva Alordiah that he didn't even see his name on
the nominee list after contacting the headies about a check on his
songs, telling Eva Alordiah that he doesn't know how its done.