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Lindy Mtongana Will Make A Good Friendship With Angel Henry Junior Ogar

Breaking News; Angel Henry Music Received by BBC Music

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Angel Henry Junior Ogar Is Stucked To Entertainment Than Daily Life

As a Nigeria musician, the only thing you do not do is leave the stuck
to your gadget or best smartphone 2018, gathering all your
entertaining topics to keep an audience entertained. apart from
letting my music out i have found out that my daily life is now
stucked to entertainment more than the daily life itself, and this
however have kept me at the front like a rio 2018 understanding my
celebrity hook up. Soon to begin attending shows, i hope to find new
gigs so i can perform and get more opportunities either concert with a
musical band or organising a personal events if i reach the task. I
prefer to find a gog from the music platform where i won best artist
'reverbnation'. Entertainment now rocks my day as i see daily
activities as entertaining.

Angel Henry Junior Doubts The Tree Around His House Does Not Talk

The tree in front of my house have been looking scary, and i thought
it will be nice if i tell you about its talking habit so you dont get
scared when you see a talking tree. This living thing have been trying
to tell me something beacuse it has a feeling of welcome and goodbye.
Angel Henry Junior Ogar also thinks it changes from the origanal big
flower it should be to a tree plant and sometimes talk to me in form
of dream and trance. It has almost walked if am not right then am
close to knowing it is a day dream. But I have been on a mission to
find out if a tree has spirit or not since it is a living thing. Am
just understanding this tree and hope to tell more fascinating tales
about it. Of most it is beautiful.

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Suggest Pregnancy Outside Linda Ikeji's Marriage Is Confusion

Popular Nigeria blogger 'Linda Ikeji' may be engaged but i feel her
pregnancy is from confusion. Looking at her bump you dont need a
lawyer to tell she is pregnant else you need a mesothelomia lawyer to
get you a free sick bay treatment. Linda Ikeji no longer needs
gas/electricity support after the purchase of he 500 million naira
mansion in Lagos Nigeria, but her pregnancy seem illegal following the
Catholic lifestyle. Her current pregnant status has no Honda accord
2018 car attached as a gift but literally the pregnancy story sounds
like the Nigeria movie title on IMdb 'The Pope must hear this'. This
is a plumber like confusion if i support but she needs to clearify why
the pre marital pregnancy.

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Does Not Know About Loving Taylor Swift

Nigeria road to popular musician says he
does not know about United
Kingdom musician Taylor Swift love for
him. He said that he has
admired the musician, and never gotten
any reply from her whatsoever even after making contact with her from
her music manager web page.
Angel Henry Junior Ogar became
attracted to her after listenimg to her
first single which is one of her highest
paying single during the start of her musical career. She may have
stared at her mail perhaps
but i can not say her exact reason for no
reply. Angel Henry Junior
Ogar said she was staring like an angry
person few days after he contacted her although she seemed

What Angel Henry Junior Ogar Did When Taylor Swift And Edsheeran Won BBMA 2018

The 2018 Billboard music awards just concluded with Ed Sheeran coming

out as the Male Artist 2018 Radio Songs Artist 2018 Artist 2018 and
among Hot 100 Artist 2018. Taylor Swift also won female artist 2018,
Billboard music award for top selling 2018 and Billboard 200 album.
Angel Henry Junior Ogar was among those to watch the award ceremony,
and he admired taylor swift all through her lift from the seat to the
moment she collected the award. her dressing is exceptional as she
wore a long see through gown from her tigh down to feet. Angel Henry
Junior Ogar accepted that he fell in love with her appearance. The
back end feelings was if Angel Henry Junior Ogar can become the
highest influencer in Nigeria on the social network before she can go
out whth him considering the level of hd career, he concluded saying
that he was unsure if the return feeling is for him or for Ed Sheeran
because Taylor Swift may have an eye on Ed Sheeran also. Angel Henry
Junior Ogar is also the w…