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Top story

Lindy Mtongana Will Make A Good Friendship With Angel Henry Junior Ogar

Breaking News; Angel Henry Music Received by BBC Music

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Edward Ogar Say Angel Henry Junior Ogar Eats Nut No More

Edward Ogar has teased Nigeria musician Angel Henry Junior Ogar that
he saw on the internet that he no longer eats nut. It was only a
teaser to give him no nut because it was little. This however didn't
go through as he later gave out the nuts to Angel Henry Junior Ogar as
little as it is. I never knew Edward Ogar uses the internet it is
amazing to know this. I ate the nut with pleasure Angel Henry Junior
Ogar likes nut.

Angel Henry Making Search In Music Artists Nigeria

Angel Henry (Angel Henry Junior Ogar) comfirms he is making Nigeria
musician search on Google. It is cofirmed in Google search result tag
'Angel Henry In Nigeria Music' and Angel Henry In Nigeria
Entertainment', also have claimed a cyber space in Google with Angel
Henry in entertainment. Angel Henry will be among the Nigeria
musicians search list if he attains more internet value. I created a
web with net worth of $3000 before and can do one also for my music
career. Musicians such as Wizkid,Davido,Dbanj and Olamide are top for
Nigeria musicians search on Google
( and appearing
on this search is an improvement in Angel Henry records music as noted

Breaking News; Angel Henry Meeting With Nigeria Minister Of Mrs Kemi Adeosun

The Nigeria ministry of finance to handle the request of Nigeria
musician? to create job opportuinity for internet users. The request
by Angel Henry have been on a stretch with no reply from
the minister 'Mrs Kemi Adeosun'.

 on twitter the bill is estimated at 720 Billion naira
annual budget but with the nature of the country's deficit to world
bank, He hopes his proposal gets accepted and she sees the cash
structured element as a Government task also.

Perhaps There Was Angel For Angel Henry Junior Ogar Not Jesus Christ

Years after the Temptation of Jesus Christ, Angel Henry Junior Ogar
claims a reality that an angel is actually there. This happened to
Jesus Christ, resisting temptation by chasing the devil, but Angel
Henry Junior Ogar says Jesus Christ is aggressive like every other
white person towards another racial skin colour and that is why he
chased the devil, even if there is no racism.Angel Henry Junior Ogar
sees an angel standing right below the mountain he was asked to jump
from but he boldly refused. I was inspired by an angel to run off a
mountain on a galilee day after the resurrection ceremony and I did,
behold! an inspired by angel man was there to grabbed me from falling
off as i ran down the hill and lost balance. Virginia Ogar my mother
was a witness. Several years later Jesus Christ is talking to me that
his resistance is to teach his followes courage and boldness in test
to thier faith,saying asking the devil to get behind never meant he is
not jumping, but for the devil to run m…

Breaking News: Angel Henry on Social Tour

I will take out my time to tour a little in Abuja.This is a decision
by Angel Henry Junior Ogar as he already sees forward to making his
Christmas season very interesting by begining an early preparation in
the mid year as will be a great impact to how the Xmas season will be.
The tour venues will be updated on each day and place as he begins.
For now am only focused on how to make his tour glaring. I have never
been on a tour, but i have travelled and i like the trip. Liking my
tour should be like a lesson to what a music tour should look like
when i am selected for one or when i host one.

I Am Yet To Publish My Comic 'Arch Angel Henry'

Am yet to complete my comic series titled 'Arch Angel Henry' according
to what i said earlier in May, that it will be released at the end of
May. I have covered just 9 episodes and it is remaining 3. The comic
have been one big work I need to complete because it needs to be
pubished to fill the empty space I left after exposing episode one.
The rest of the movie book will be available this June without doubt.
I have written every episode in 2000 pages.

Angel Henry Junior Ogar And Reverbnation Music Ranks

Angel Henry Junior Ogar after recording his songs in December 2017 -
January 2018 he joined the music site 'Reverbnation' and since then he
has been at the number one spot in the Abuja music rank. His songs
from the 'Grace' album have given him not only rankings in the Abuja
city but also in Nigeria. He has won the rank one severally and alsn
appeared in rank three. in The global rankings he moved up from 220
rank up to 116 and 93. Angel Henry Junior Ogar have expressed his
happiness saying he appreciates Reverbnation
( for exposing his music on Google,
MTVBase, Youtube Music, Pitchfork, Billboard, 247 Hiphop and other
American sites.