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Lindy Mtongana Will Make A Good Friendship With Angel Henry Junior Ogar

Breaking News; Angel Henry Music Received by BBC Music

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News: Angel Henry Gets No Reply From Sonia Brawn Making Him Feel Less Complete As He Poses Without Shirt

Angel Henry and Sonia Brawn are just a night away, as He sends a post
saying He has not gotten any reply from her even after sending her a
good morning message in the early hours of today.

The Picture he sent in shows He is in an unhappy mood, as His eyes
were dim looking after his work out. He sent a photo with the post
without a shirt, which he reported in to Angelhenrydaily.

Sonia Brawn has not accepted His invitation as His celebrity
girlfriend at this moment but His Gaze is perhaps He is in love, or
just more concerned about getting the girl out of her private comfort.

Sonia Brawn May Soon Become The Girl Angel Henry Takes Out

In an Unclear Communication, Delivered to
AngelHenryDaily, Sonia Brawn
may soon be going on dates with Angel Henry.

The Report is clear in Communication On Social Media, But Unclear
Physically. Angel Henry also Added she has not made any clear decision
if She will hang out with him or not, as he had made his first
proposal in November 2017

The FaceBook Chat Playfully went by this way:

Be My Celebrity Girlfriend.
Nov 24, 2017

Sonia Brawn accepted your request.
Sonia Brawn
7 hours ago · Sent from Messenger

Angel Henry Jnr Ogar
Yea, Where are you? Happy New Year
7 hours ago

Sonia Brawn
6 hours ago · Sent from Messenger

Angel Henry Jnr Ogar
Welcome. What do you say about what I asked. Will you be my Celebrity
Girlfriend? Where do you stay in Abuja?
We will commubicate, go out on dates take photo and I will put it on
my Blog website
6 hours ago

Angel Henry Jnr Ogar
Communicate I meant above.
5 hours ago

Sonia Brawn
Are u a girl
5 hours ago · Sent fr…

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Spying On Father Early Hours Of Today

Angel Henry caught on Camera, why he spy at his Dad, This Morning.

The Musician's Image is not Clearly Shown as He Spies, But a Picture
of His Father Going Out of His House In a Car was Captured.

Reason Angel Henry Gave is He was Spying to avoid Pulling Open the
Gates and closing it again before His Dad will return.

This didn't seem clear as the Photograph only Pictures His Dad.

News: Angel Henry Says Since His mum Likes Un mastered Version Of His Song Dreaming And The Song Will Be Dedicated To Her

Angel Henry Says His Mom Likes the Un mastered Version of His Song 'Dreaming'.

In a New Photo he shared, he went on to say the song will be dedicated
to Her. The Recording of the song is what she has listened to, and she
liked it.

The new photo shared through Angelhenrydaily shows Angel Henry Junior
with his Mom, Virginia Uche with face side to side in a selfie photo.

She had listened to his first studio song 'Shake IT' which she thought
it cool as He told her He will be recording an album.

News: Angel Henry Speaks On His Song ''Party"

The predestined album 'Grace' ready soon to hit out, is getting built
up sound productions awaiting its release.

The song will undergo mastering, although his voice sounds cool on a
debut album.

The Musician Angel Henry Says he is even cool listening to Abba Gold
and watching his Dad dance like a German, until his finalized
recordings is released.

Lyric to His song "Party"
All the boys make them come around
All the girls make them wave their hands
All the people
Make them swing around
Make them swing around
Make them swing around X2

Verse 1
There's a boy in my room
Who wants a party
There's a lady on the street
She wants a party

All the girls are loyal
This makes the boy turn on
Keep sounds on my window
Let the volume come aloud

I like the party in this city
shout aloud so I see your dimple
It makes me feel so simple
The drink is pouring on my table

Hit the drums let's make a noise
I like the sound of the coins

Musician Angel Henry Speaks of his Debut album and Track List Takes Off Two Tracks From Reverbnation

Nigeria Musician Angel Henry Also referred to by so many people as
Henry Junior Ogar has officially told the media he will be releasing
his New Album This Year titled 'Grace'.

The Album is a compilation of 10 Tracks, 9 new recorded tracks with his previous single 'Shake It'.

He added that He likes a single life and the song Shake it especially
dedicated to Single Ladies,Boys, Dad and Mums. His entire album
include Pop songs, RnB and also Dance tracks.

He took off the songs from reverbnation, because the platform charges a fee for song hosting of larger which he can not keep up with right now.

Album - Grace

Track 1. Dreaming
Track 2. Okun
Track 3. Dance
Track 4. Gbedu
Track 5. Love
Track 6. Jet And Steering
Track 7. Ring
Track 8. Party
Track 9. Track
Track 10 Shake It

Angel Henry Junior Ogar seized exposure to two of his songs from Reverbnation  Track 1. Dreaming and 9. Track. THE BOTH SONGS ARE NOW AVAILABLE ON YOUTUBE AND SOUNDCLOUD ONLY. ny of these music a…

News: Angel Henry Looking Scary on a Sunday

The Sunday began in a lovely manner as Church dismisses and another
ride for home started.

Just picking up few dirts from household chores, and little cleaning
didn't get him angry but His surprising Looks scares the mum as he

Angel Henry's Mum says She couldn't even take a stare at his face as
it looks furious. At the same time He got frightened and couldn't take
a photo not even after taken his mum's photo.

Severally the mother had asked if he is Angry but same reply of No and
am not. Now sending a previous photo to web he is still in the same
angry and scary mood. Who knows what is wrong with Angel Henry Today?