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Lindy Mtongana Will Make A Good Friendship With Angel Henry Junior Ogar

Breaking News; Angel Henry Music Received by BBC Music

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Angel Henry Junior Ogar Gives Scope On His Contract With Chelsea FC

Nigeria Musician who is also a soccer player speaks of his contract
with Chelsea FC saying; The club representative and international
scout have not answered him, he didnt mention the name of the
international scout but he said that, the media he sent was a mail to
the club information department requesting the aid of an international
scout from the club to come to Nigeria. He also added that the club
will only make him a better player if he gets a contract as a new
player instead of scouted playing. This, which is featured in his mail
will make him and advance player from the academy and not otherwise.
Angel Henry Junior Ogar adds that if the club should need a strike, he
is always available and can convert more goals. In the past, he
already contacted Paul Pogba's Agent who didnt return the contacted
message, when his player Paul Pogba got a Manchester United transfer
hoping Mino Raiola will introduce Angel Henry Junior Ogar to Chelsea

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Says Beyonce Spoke To Him From The TV?

Beyonce Knowles spoke to me from TV, as I was listening to and
watching a music video. It came as a surprise as I always enjoy
viewing the TV. Then it came to me the message that she was trying to
pass which was for me to get out of the fan base always and add
something to it like a performance, acting in something that
entertains an audience. I felt happy about the interest and motivation
to do this because her stare was something i have never seen, it was
heavy and clear and i felt it was me. I have always been a fan of
music, and i love beyonce's music very well also. This Made me to
fasten my entertainment strategy from being a party Dj to a musician.
Now I Didn't question if she spoke to me from the Television again.
This discussion and information got to you by Vmo sponsor.

Angel Henry Junior Ogar- RING


Angel Henry Junior Ogar In The Middle Of Popularity

After my first single, i was sure i will become popular, because i had
the zeal and energy which I continued with the exposure of my first
album Grace. Grace is to me the Grace from the creator as the song got
adorable audience on first week of promotion. the single especially
Shake It. Shake It got an exposure to over 5000 people, and the result
was a boost for my album. During my album recording i didnt have an
idea what it feels like to become popular, then i got 6000 fans from
the exposure of my album to come. This is a great start for me as a
new musician, although i need the aid of a marketing company to
showcase my songs compilation and another to distribute my album CD.
This can be very stressful, especially when you are new to the music
business but my aim and purpose is to get my angelic status which is
for people to adore and cherish me and my works and in turn i will
perform miracles for them.

On A Saturday Morning Angel Henry Junior Ogar And Funke Akindele In Love

Nigeria female actress Funke Akindele is in love with an angel, as
Angel Henry Junior Ogar told internet sources that he has been seeing
Funke Akindele's face after seeing her in his dream. He said that the
feelings he sees her having is love and he is still feeling that way
even after waking up from sleep. He Checked Google and found out she
is married with kids so perhaps the feelings is because she likes him
and the weather brought her good feelings this morning. Funke Akindele
is not in any music video as Angel Henry Junior Ogar checked but he is
surprised to which music video he found her singing in from his dream.
Angel Henry Junior Ogar, then complained that the only joy she will
not have now is seeing him at that moment only if she flies on a plane
an listen to Angel Henry Junior Ogar music.

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Refuses Chris Brown Is In A Mess And Calls Kanye West Tricky

Angel Henry Junior Ogar has refused Chris Brown is in a mess after
petioning his exit from Sony Music Universal Music Group. The musician
Angel Henry Junior Ogar, says after his exit awareness, there is no
sign that he is in any regret or unhappy. Chris Brown will only
perhaps be in a mess if his music does not grow like in Universal
Music Group. The results will tell the end he said, and on the other
hand, he said that Kanye West is tricky because he got in Nigeria News
whether about slavery or not. News Pop Up carries his Nigeria update
and i feel its a sign of another promo, Angel Henry Junior Ogar feels
Kanye West is being disturbed by a demon, and finding out soon which
of it will be useful.

Funke Akindele And Angel Henry Junior Ogar On Ait

Funke Akindele have been seen with Angel Henry Junior Ogar in a music
video, the music video was shown on Ait , which shows Angel Henry
Junior Ogar dancing quietly and raping to the song in front of an
audience before Funke Akindele appeared on TV and took the chorus and
other verse. The people were surprised to see Angel Henry Junior Ogar
rap and sing with few speech like Funke Akindele and Falz. The song
which is very interesting got the Fans checking if Funke Akindele and
Angel Henry Junior Ogar have something going on between them. It seems
like they love each other so much as she ignores Falz and faces Angel
Henry Junior Ogar alone expressing love gesture. Angel Henry Junior
Ogar was able to confirm that it all happened in a dream and as he
woke up he felt he was with Funke Akindele kissing and does not know
she suddenly loves him.

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Says He Is Unhappy Over Facebook Page Not Being Promoted

Musician Angel Henry Junior Ogar is not completely happy over Facebook
not promoting his page. He said he has tried promoting it severally
but its not working. I like to echo my social accounts but now i can
only boost post and promote my blog. i am only eased because i get a
little interest on facebook as people view my advert. I have tried the
page promotion so i can boost my internet presence. At first it
worked, but after i ended it and start again i realise its no longer
working. Now I just have to get a new page from a new account. The
Facebook is cool for promotions and expressions and i feel its a
useful tool i like.

Angel Henry Junior Ogar Calls Out Eva Alordiah On Kanye West Act

Kanye West recently jumped on stunts medically but on twitter he was
appeciating Tmz. Angel Henry Junior Ogar says the medical issue is
somewhat true but sees it as a trick to promotion. Kanye West's Baby
in my dream did stare as a set up and i didnt mention it in my
previous post. Kanye may be looking for a promotion Strategy and i
support what ever he is doing, Angel Henry Junior Ogar added that it
will be nice if Kanye West adds North West to his life because it
looks like North West is totally out of Kanye West life. He further
went on to say he read Eva Alordiah's tweet saying something like
Kanye West should speak clearly to her or who. The Unclear tweet to
Angel Henry Junior Ogar was liked with a telepathy to Eva saying Kanye
West may not be talking to her, rather what she say perhaps was to him
but he has also said maybe she became an angel but it seem she did.
Eva Alordiah was the first Nigeria musician i got a feeling should be
an Angel.

Hi Kanye West Welcome To Angel Henry Junior Ogars World

Kanye West, I Hope You Are Fine Angel Henry Junior Ogar sent in this
report saying "i Know Kanye West is suffering from mental delusion"
but its just a fact that his angelic being awoken, and he may need
Angel Henry Junior Ogar's help. Many years ago you thought of Jesus
Christ you called on Illuminati, now the owner of the souls needs you
to work for him. Kanye West will only get worse if he thinks Angel
Henry Junior Ogar said, the solution is to get a Kanye Church. The
reason Angel Henry Junior Ogar is saying this is because He saw NorthWest covering the head with a dark cloth and she came to join Angel Henry Junior Ogar's world "ANGELS". He saw North West in a dream.

Is Vivica Fox Interested In Angel Henry?

Angel Henry has told Vmo his internet attribute that he noticed Vivica Fox photos were looking like someone who is admiring him, when he checked the web after following her on twitter. He even mentioned he saying he wants to become a movie actor with Vivica Fox giving no reply to Angel Henry Junior Ogar. He went no to view more of her photos and saw the same thing and told Vmo that he has a feeling hat she likes him perhaps she saw his mention on twitter. Vivica Fox who did not reply him on twitter, also did not make any new announcement of liking any Nigeria Musician neither did she come to see anyone in the country is acting like she has been that way to cute boys on the internet. She is not married, and attracted to boys of advanced level and regardless of the age over 18. Also she does not have any children and she wants spoke about it on the regrets on the internet, where she told Oprah about it. . Angel Henry has not contacted her since then, neither has he told anyone if he wil…

Kesha Forgets Angel Henry Junior Ogar For Body Issue?

Kesha the American Singer has not been in any close feeling with Angel Henry Junior Ogar which they use to communicate with each other for a while. She said she is taking out time to face her music business with a new song with Dr Luke whom she has been in court case for a while with over a period of time. The issue of her body is a trending story now for her as she looks forward to new songs and collaborations. The last time she contacted Angel Henry Junior Ogar, she only said she is not happy with her music level and feels like upgrading, joining the break from their communication, is because she has been some what busy for a time now. She also watches her music profile to see if Angel Henry Junior Ogar willuse her influence to look like a top entertainer just as her.

Kennis Music Says Angel Henry Junior Ogar Should Wait For Five Years

I called Kennis Music severally, and the day the label picked up i was surprised of what the label personnel told me. The music label will not be signing any musician until after five years. The statement which Angel Henry Junior Ogar calls a shocker is true because at this moment Kennis have not displayed any musician to its label. However Kennis music is working with their signed artiste Joel. I am not in shock anymore, because that was when the label told me which i later got a contract with a label but felt a little bit unsatisfied. I am still loving my music without any complain.

News: Angel Henry Concludes That His Previous Hairstyle Was Not Annoying

Angel Henry Junior Ogar said when he was told by my parents that my hairstyle was annoying the last time i made it, i had to remind them that i am an Angel and i take care of my hair so people will love themselves better. This hairstyle i made trended on people due to my influence and it was looking so great on them. The hairstyle also gave people miracles when i did it. I became so scared when my Dad said he was going to cut it because it is new and i felt great. Hairstyle could be some sort of head and brain exercise you know because it stretches the head, eye and brain nerves. My Hairstyle will soon support fashionista in Nigeria Fashion to discover how cool some hair do can make them feel

News: Angel Henry's Hairstyle Will Cost $1.3 dollar

I like my hair a lot, and after the last hairdo i have refuse to work on another one. I am keen to make a better one with photo shoots which will cost me $1.3 dollar to make. The saloon is a cool place to be when you have that great desire to make a new hairstyle. Angel Henry Junior Ogar added that he will love to makle a nice hairstyle because he feels may is a great moth to come. I love my hair so much. He added saying readers should try out his previous hairstyle and they feel like they entered heaven.

Timaya Is Not Unfollowed By Angel Henry Junior Ogar

Musician Timaya didn't get UN followed because he did not sign Angel Henry Junior Ogar. I followed it up quietly, Angel Henry Junior Ogar said following up with any rumors that will arise from the discussion of Angel Henry not getting a contract with Dem Mama records. The future is young, He said and i will get a contract either with the label or another music group or perhaps achieve the goal mile myself. Timaya is a popular musician, and working with him will be good in making me more popular although i have a label am signed to for music distribution.

Chelsea FC Accepts To Sign Angel Henry Junior Ogar From An Agent Or Club Scout Only

Henry Junior Ogar, got a reply from the Chelsea FC official website from a representative called kirby, saying that the soccer club does not accept trials from people outside of UK without an agent or invitation after scouting by the club officials. The information was passed to Angel Henry from his email address. The club further stated that it will contact Angel Henry He is seen in a professional club or brought in for registration with an agent. According to Angel Henry Junior Ogar, the mail didn't state that he could come in for club registration, but only suggested that he will be assigned a contract if a club agent scouts him and submit his name to the club officials in charge of a contract.

News: "Sabah el kheer" Angel Henry Reaches UAE Meet Diana Haddad

Diana Haddad is a United Arab Emirates Musician, and as Angel Henry Junior Ogar toured to the Uae, He met and heard Dianna Haddad just waiting for him using telepathy, He said it seemed she has been calling out for him to visit the UAE and see the very beautiful queen waiting for him.
The lips shiny attraction of Dianna Haddad was a welcoming short kiss and smile for Angel Henry junior Ogar as he greets her in the country's language saying Sabah el kheer meanig good morning. Angel Henry Junor Ogar admired and spoke with her in length to know all about she looks young like 16 and at 41, and she said her looks is from Allah and she is so happy to meet Angel Henry. wow such a beauty in my heart today. She  left her marriage in 2009, now she is a single mum with two children. Diana a little about why she left her marriage, with this endowed beauty for herself and fans alone. She said she left her husband because the love was not there anymore. Diana also made Angel Henry Junior Ogar…

Angel Henry Junior Ogar's 1 Billion Naira Mansion And Ford Beast

The Billion Naira mansion is a house i discovered on the internet, i loved it so much asked for the information to get it. The owner the told me its booked already and i had no choice than to allow it go. Even after i told the owner i will make arrangements for the payment immediately, he said that the house was for someone already unless i could make express pay perhaps which he didn't say aloud. The house has a swimming pool and is well furnished. However if he has exactly same piece of apartment again, Angel Henry Junior Ogar will complete the purchase. I Also requested a Ford beast which was given to me saying unless i come for test drive with them then i can ride a beast car. I have not gone *lol* But i always intend to go I accepted the test drive offer and i initiated the idea of getting the beast car because i like ford cars see other photographs below.

News: On Becoming And Angel And The Fight With Angel Henry Junior Ogar And Evil

Angel Henry Junior Ogar is a strong spiritual Angel, who receives slaps almost everyday from an unknown spirit. He sees the stick demons, bird demons and Torturers. All this mentioned demons are the attackers as he started his journey to become an Angel. It started from his cradle, when he prays to become an Angel and join the Holy Angels in Heaven. Jesus never gave him the chance, and the Creator then was surprised that the little boy wants to go back to heaven. This caused a little anger from his parents to why Angel Henry Junior Ogar wants to go back to heaven. He didn't already knew that he was born dead and already an Angel. This demons continue to come till today, even when Angel Henry Junior Ogar teleport to Heaven for request of people prayers he has mediated for. He worked closely with Jesus, Angel Michael, Angel Gabriel, Angel Uriel, Lucifer, the devil, Belzebub and several other Angels he doesn't even recall the names. The Heaven is like a physical place where you m…

Angel Henry Likes Jackie Chan Movies

Angel Henry Junior Ogar says 'I have been a fan of the great Chinese Movie actor' "Jackie Chan" and I like his movies. The first movie i saw of him is the Rush hour. then i used the VHS video play machine. I watched the film along with my Father and it was very interesting that i can not forget the funny character of Christopher Tucker and the funny chicken woman. The movie became interesting when i went on to watch the part three. I expected to see the part four but never did. i have watched even more of his movies without remembering the names, but i promise to reveal the names on the next post of Angel Henry Junior Ogar in China.

News: Funke Akindele And Jenifa' Diary Got Angel Henry Junior Ogar Involved In Celebrity Twist

Angel Henry Junior Ogar reported that he has been in a celebrity twist the moment he liked Jenifa's Diary. The movie and TV series is so influential and additive. She wrote every story down on her diary, as the day goes by. The movie made Angel Henry Junior Ogar to start acting like Jenifa, and like to watch some of her movies. The movie pack in my house nearly danced as they began to talk continuously to watch Jenifa's Diary on Channel 154 Africa Magic Family. The movie really gave Angel Henry Junior Ogar a tongue twisting and he loves it very well. The woman playing the role of Jenifa's mother looks like her real mother, and Angel Henry Junior Ogar says she adds more interest to the play making VMO to find out if the woman is her real mother on the next topic of Angel Henry Junior Ogar With Funke Akindele.

A Dorobucci Attack And Don Jazzy Didn't Sign Angel Henry Junior Ogar

Marvin Records came to me after the publicity of Dorobucci as its cult group on my initial website Ho9ja. I used it as a promo for the group Marvin Records so it can get more fans, but unknowingly to me that the cult group dorobucci that uses medusae will come after me. The group came as i don't expect, and it was a heavy wind in my house and you know that feeling when a ghost is in there. It began to occur to me that it was the durobucci, and at this time it was the Queen Of Scotland that appeared on a picture (Vision) after i wondered all this and how it happened, i then received a message from Don JAZZY The same way saying i will join the dorobucci group. I never knew what it was all about suddenly it went away. Then i left the ghost looks also from my brain memory and saw it was just fierce how they came and nothing serious. The attack is a test of spiritual strength i heard in a message but didnt know why either. THEN I RESEARCHED AND SAW THE LITTLE CONNECTION BETWEEN DORBUCC…